SOLD More to come

Inlaid Walnut cross ornament with maple window. Finial is rosewood and the item is 9x2". Since the orb is hollow the weight is 2.2 oz. $65.00

Star of David Ornament. Lovely laser cut inlay placed in maple window. Core wood is walnut and the finial is redheart. Weights 1.7 oz and measures 9x2".  $65.00

Butterfly inlay ornament with Bloodwood finial.  The core is rosewood, inlay is walnut and laser cut acrylic. Measure 8x2" and weights in at 2.2 oz. $65.00

Ornament with Purpleheart window inlay. Has a Purpleheart finial. Only weights 1.6 oz. Measures 6.25x2.25 ".  $55.00


SOLD More to come